This summer I had the privilege of enjoying for a second time (after two years) a week in the Taizé Community ( and, although the first time it was already shocking to immerse myself in its environment , this year’s experience was superb. On the first occasion we were in Olinda as a family since our little daughter had not yet turned 15 and this time, having crossed that barrier and having the two children in the youth team, we were able to attend as adults and to live other experiences of Coexistence and exchange of perspectives with other adults from different branches of Christianity (Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans, evangelists, …)

I will not go into that detail to get away from the subject of the post in addition to being quite personal.

Already on the first occasion I was pleasantly surprised to see the exquisite organization of the Taizé Brothers managing an environment such as the community of Taizé where more than 3000 pilgrims (with peaks of 7000 and valleys of 600) are received each week To give accommodation, food, offer activities for team work, knowledge workshops, etc. I tried to contact the Brother responsible for all the management but I was not lucky.
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Have you ever ever thought that the exchange of business cards or calling cards  is a rite and it has “hidden secrets” ? What importance do you give to the business cards you get? And to whom you give? What do you do with them afterwards?

Business cards, sometimes also called “visiting” (Calling Cards) were a key element in any relationship between people. They were much more than a mere piece of paper with contact details of applicant they were his/her image, his/her essence, his/her character, his/her vision … his/her mission.

When I decided to write about them, I sought supporting information to know its origin: thus, part of the information that I show you here it was obtained from different pages (The History of the Calling Card, A Brief History of Business Cards).

Business cards are not something that have appeared recently but arose in the 15th century in China and used to request a meeting with another person. Here I show you an example that I found at:

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As long as I deepen into the well-known innovation ecosystem that surrounds us, I miss a role that I consider important and often we adopt it unconsciously: Hybridization Manager (HM).

What is that HM? If we turn to the regular dictionary , we find, among other meanings, the definition of hybrid

(From lat. Hybrida). adj. It says all that is the product of elements of different nature.

That is, something that is generated, is built on very different elements. An example will help to visualize it better, imagine a company that manufactures thermoplastic components for packaging food and one day, by serendipity, contact with another company working in the aviation sector with a clear need for construction of plastic items for the cockpit. The first has the capabilities to build any plastic element, the second a specific need and the first just redirecting his career completely or simply has expanded its capability map. Read More →