I find interesting the “tsunami” that has occurred with the concept “Digital Transformation” that has devastated any corner of the strategic quadrants of a company and each element of its value chain. The sensation is quite peculiar: it is as if the “philosopher’s stone” of Harry Poter has been discovered that will solve life in the business environment, something unthinkable until now.

And I simply do not think it’s exactly right how the obligation of digitally transforming or dying in the market has been released in a resounding way.

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One of the things that surprises me most in the entrepreneurial environment is the reluctance on the part of certain investors to sign a commitment to confidentiality or NDA (aka non-disclosure agreement). and the first question is why? What scares them for not doing it? What do you fear for not showing some confidence to an entrepreneur, especially novelty, when sharing a concern, an idea with them?


The fact is that in an initiative with young entrepreneurs, very novice in the entrepreneurial environment but with a passion overwhelmed by their project, I invited a group of investors I knew not so much so that they had the interest to invest in something, still in stages too early, but to explore possible opportunities. At the time of allowing them access to project information, I asked them to sign a NDA (it is not a confidentiality agreement with all the penal clauses in case of non-compliance but rather a declaration of intentions to listen but demonstrate a certain confidence not to spread or use what they hear) and what was my surprise when several of them (not all, at least) refused to do so for the most peregrine excuses or without them. It seemed to me that ethically we should all give the entrepreneur the confidence that we take his project seriously …

David Clode


That made me think and I started looking for arguments for and against (obviously by investors) to understand the problem and curiously I found several articles on that topic, that is to say that it was a situation that more than one has been questioned.

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