On July 10 I had the luck and honor to participate in the First Forum of Taronja Suc, creative economy forum in Camp de Morvedre (Puerto Sagunto) invited by my good friends Laura Fidalgo and Paco Santonja from Concierta



It was a very interesting and extremely rewarding experience, because it was a point of time where they were converging people, experiences (personal and collective) cultural values​​, attitudes … with the desire to share, collaborate and commit to the creation of new spaces of encounter, unbounded spaces (ethical spaces). Read More →

The figure of the cluster  (widely used in business and economic environments) has served twenty years since M. Porter introduced in his book “The Competitive Advantage of Nations in 1990 but the underlying concept of agglomeration economies has already been used by economists in the 1890s and especially in the work of Alfred Marshall.

A business cluster (Wikipedia) is a “geographic concentration of business initiatives, suppliers and associated institutions in a particular field.” The role of a cluster has been crucial  in enhancing the productivity between companies that allow them to achieve an important competitive edge in national and international framework.

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