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I remember a conversation with Guy Kawasaki, which told me that since it was launched in a Twitter post is no longer living. In my case, since I discovered the huge amount of knowledge that exists in the network and it’s there saying “Come and learn much more,” what can be learned that lets you go your ability to shape and plasticity of your brain to interpret what happens around the many interesting people you meet at LinkedIn, Twitter,  … that has much to contribute, to envision new milestones, innovation … I think since then I no longer have a life of its own, it is a “Life Open.” The good news is that my children follow me, and that encourages me not to fail them and to prepare the way for them.

I am currently the Managing Director at ESPAITEC, Science and Technology Park at the Universitat Jaume I and my goal is creating an Open Life = Open (Knowledge + Talent + Innovation + Leadership), looking for new ways to support Entrepreneurs and growing businesses without leaving the social aspect of entrepreneurship, indeed all entrepreneurship should be social in some way: helping other will generate a better wealth and quality of life. Technology is my passion but my biggest passion is my children and encourage me in the continuous learning path to be always a complement to their education.

I consider myself a “orchestrator” to tackle challenges  putting together the hybridization of independent solutions to achieve a comprehensive and higher value added final solution (where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). Since 2006 I started to enjoy supporting entrepreneurs and companies to grow, innovate co-opeting, opening spaces for open collaboration and sharing, integrating the customer experience and emotions in co-designing new innovative elements.

My hobbies?  Lover of Ham-Radio (radioamateur), amateur astronomy, photography, jazz and leading an NGO: Radioamateurs Without Frontiers


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