On July 10 I had the luck and honor to participate in the First Forum of Taronja Suc, creative economy forum in Camp de Morvedre (Puerto Sagunto) invited by my good friends Laura Fidalgo and Paco Santonja from Concierta



It was a very interesting and extremely rewarding experience, because it was a point of time where they were converging people, experiences (personal and collective) cultural values​​, attitudes … with the desire to share, collaborate and commit to the creation of new spaces of encounter, unbounded spaces (ethical spaces).

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These environments are truly called Intelligent Territories. But do not confuse with the territories with technological substrate (misnamed, but overly extended, Smart_ #something) where it seems that the person has a tangential role except to connect a sensor that measures something isolated and bring little happiness the daily life of any human being. Intelligent Territories are indeed  those whose main substrate is human relationship, the exchange of experience, creative inspiration … With attitudes that spread, challenging the status quo and creating new concepts, new profiles, new corners to look at.

“If you play a jazz tune and people do not move their feet, do not touch more” Count Basie

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But that does not help much if you can not encourage sufficiently the next to you in that process of creative explosion.

Which is the goal of such objective reviews, hybrid textures, synergies ….? Simply bring up some hope to the society of the very creative process and teach us to see resources where before we saw obstacles or constraints.

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But creativity, how comes up? Can you force it? Or can it be induced? Is it pure serendipity or otherwise can be systematized?

I think there are three scenarios that ease the generation of creativity and are always the result of the interplay between people:

  • Synergies
  • Symbiosis
  • Hybridisation

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However, the most powerful is the last, because it takes more effort, more global vision, greater knowledge of all areas involved.

What happens if I can identify different hybridization processes between disparate actors (the more disparate better) to exploit their synergies and the result is symbiotic, ie it is a positive advantage for all participants? What happens is something wonderful, and with enough oxygen … totally explosive.

That reaction is what could glimpse at the meeting on Thursday, or rather when meeting … that is the frenetic activity that makes an intelligent territory (not # smart) in a space of creative economy, and away from those other definitions (although interesting to ponder) “Intelligent Territory” where the “competitiveness” as a determining factor appears to the sustainability of a country in a global world, I consider excessive determination against the cooperative processes, especially coopetitive.

Something to ponder …. “Smart specialization” for smart territories: Should identify territories forced to compete or reinforce what characterizes them, from a creative point of view (and from the perspective of sustainable economic development, social cohesion and environmental balance) areas and locate points of encounters with other areas?

Especially exciting … Open … new dimensions of human relationship that shifts the dangerous trend that is taking this society … Thank you for this moment of meditation that I missed for a long time …


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About Juan A. Bertolin

I consider myself a “orchestrator” to tackle challenges  putting together the hybridization of independent solutions to achieve a comprehensive and higher value added final solution (where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). Since 2006 I started to enjoy supporting entrepreneurs and companies to grow, innovate co-opeting, opening spaces for open collaboration and sharing, integrating the customer experience and emotions in co-designing new innovative elements.

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